Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Conference Tickets

I have successfully completed the event registration process, however,
I have not yet received my ticket. How should I proceed?

If you have already registered for the event but have not received a ticket, don't worry. Simply reach out to our participant management team at +49 89 248 815 350 or Our colleagues will promptly and efficiently assist you with any ticket-related inquiries.

What services are included in my ticket?
Your ticket grants you access to the event, including live presentations, panel discussions, and surveys. Enjoy a diverse selection of food and beverages during lunch and coffee breaks. Engage in networking opportunities with fellow participants and join the concluding get-together. Approximately one week before the event, you will receive comprehensive information. Additionally, all participants will have access to recordings of the presentations released a few days after the event.

I have already purchased a ticket but have not yet received an invoice.
What steps should I take to obtain one?

Please contact our participant management team at +49 89 248 815 350 or for assistance.

My access code is not functioning properly.
What steps should I take to resolve this issue?

To redeem your access code, simply enter it in the top-right corner of the booking interface. If you encounter an error message with the code, please reach out to our participant management team at  +49 89 248 815 350 or for assistance.

I am unable to attend the event. Is it possible to cancel my ticket?
Certainly, you have the option to cancel your ticket without incurring any charges up to 14 days prior to the event commencement. Subsequently, the full ticket price will be applicable for cancellations. Alternatively, you may transfer your ticket to another individual within your organization. Our participant management team is available to facilitate this process. Kindly contact us at +49 89 248815350 or

I have a typographical error in my name that I would like to correct before it appears on the name tag. How can I make this change after registration?
To rectify the error, kindly send an email to with the necessary corrections along with your ticket number. Our team will promptly assist you with the requested changes. 

How can I confirm if a ticket has already been booked in my name?
How can I verify if person XY from our company is registered for the event?

Kindly provide us with the necessary information at, including the email address used for the (potential) booking. Please understand that we can only locate the booking with either the booking number or the email address provided during the booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Conference Procedure & Event Venue

Where does the event take place?
Location Kongress
Forum am Schlosspark
Stuttgarter Str. 33
71638 Ludwigsburg
Date: May  7& 8, 2024
+49 7141/910-3918 

Location evening event, Date: May 7, 2024
Reithaus in Ludwigsburg
Königsallee 43
71638 Ludwigsburg
+49 7141/125 100 

Further information on directions can be found at .

What are the parking options on-site?
Directly across the conference venue, there is parking available at the "Bärenwiese EAST and WEST" parking lot. The parking lot has been especially reserved for our conference. A parking attendant monitors entrance in the morning. Please quote "Bordnetze" upon entry. If you arrive later, you can exchange your parking ticket for a free ticket at our info counter. If the parking spaces are not sufficient, you can also park in one of the surrounding car parks.

Are there hotel recommendations near the venue?
The can find all hotels that are close proximity to the venue here:

Are food and drinks provided at the event?
We always ensure your culinary satisfaction at our events. This includes coffee and small snacks upon arrival, hot and cold meals during the lunch break, coffee breaks with sweet or savory snacks, and our traditional get-together. There is always something to suit your taste. All beverages and meals are, of course, complimentary for participants!

Is consideration given to alternative dietary preferences for food and drinks?
Please send information about your dietary preferences (vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free) to +49 89 248815350 or This will enable us to guarantee alternative diet meals on site.